Chapter V: The Creative Process

Hey my loves, I’ll let you in on my creative process! For example, when I develop a new product.

In the preparation stage, I begin doing the work. The work consist of reading customer reviews, checking out new beauty trends, looking into last months analytics, etc. The work is very tedious but it leads me into the incubation stage.

In this stage, the incubation stage: my conscious and subconscious minds are working on the idea, making new connections, separating out unnecessary ideas, and grabbing for other ideas. In this phase, I may mess up the most with distractions and the hustle and bustle of my daily life.

The next stage: the illumination stage is when the light bulb turns on and the creative urge is so incredibly strong that I lose track of what else is happening. The driving impulse is to get whatever is going on in my head down into whatever medium it’s intended for.

The final stage is implementation: This phase is the one in which the idea I’ve been preparing and incubating sees the light of day. It’s when that lipglass is blended, the face and body luminizer is shimmering, and the highlighter is blinding.

The creative process begins with work and ends with work. The take-away point here is that creativity is understanding your creative process and understanding that your livelihood depends on your leveraging your creativity.



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