Chapter IV: Overheard: My Fears and My Loves

Imagine eavesdropping on a conversation between two people who fit my dream client profile. Even juicier, imagine they are talking about me!

The conversation might go:

Person 1: “Their products are like everyone else’s! This is cheap! They don’t even have enough followers to even get this to pop off! Nobody wants this shit!”

Person 2: “Facts! I can’t even stand them anyway”

Now imagine, “is this true?” Can I acknowledge these fears may not be grounded in reality, and “put them in a jar on the shelf?” Or, if they do hit close to home, can I minimize them with action?

The next conversation might go:

Person 1: I love their products! They really created products with people like us in mind!

I feel so blessed I have their products in my life! they will be successful with this brand!

Person 2: “You’re right! I couldn’t agree more.”

Now imagine these are my loves! Everything I design and create (especially when I feel the self doubt creeping in) is for this enthusiastic and supportive audience. They want to see me succeed!

As I learn to learn how to stand in the face of other people’s disapproval of me, the more I acknowledge my fears, the more I am able minimize them with action. The more I acknowledge my loves I am able to maximize them with action. Being conscious of this I am able to understand myself and my dream clients and give them what they desire.



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